PhD student Claudia van Dun BriteN: The effects of nutrition and (risk for) obesity on neurocognitive development of spatial cognition (link) EU-EFRO
Research assistant Silvia Papalini The impact of probiotics on neurocognitive measures of emotion and executive functioning (link) TKI-Life Sciences and Health

Post-doc Dr. Joost Wegman
PhD student Iris Duif

Student assistants Jules Houben, Nina Engels

The neurocognitive effects of attention on satiation + home experience sampling (link)

NWO-Food, Cognition and Behavior

Post-doc Dr. Joost Wegman FOCOM: fNIRS correlates of food choice, food experience and functional foods


PhD student Monja Froböse

FOCOM: The effect of tyrosine on the aging brain


Post-doc Dr. Ruth van Holst Neurocognitive measures of eating behavior in narcolepsy patients  

Alumni of the Food & Cognition group:

PhD students
Dr. Lieneke Janssen, Dr. Mirjam Bloemendaal

Research assistants
Franziska Michels, Ruben van den Bosch, Lars Didden, Eva Ketel, Ilke van Loon

Student assistants
Francisco Rodríguez-Jiménez, Natalia Staniszewska